First Niagara Credit Card

You would be in a really hard spot trying to find anything good being said about First Niagara Credit Card before finding us here. There are so many negative things floating around the internet regarding the First Niagara Credit Card. We can't help but begin to wonder how this bank has survived so long if absolutely nobody is happy. We decided to make this article as a way to take a different approach to tackling the things that are offered within the First Niagara Credit Card. Our biggest goal here will be trying to see if we can get to the root of some of the complaints that are circulating about the First Niagara Credit Card and whether they actually make sense of if the bank would be really at fault.

We have a complaint here that deals with someone saying they have closed their account because when First Niagara took over the HSBC Bank, they started charging extra fees on the checking account that used to be a free checking account with HSBC. They asked to simply cancel the account over the phone and got angry because they are required to send an affidavit and all of that to just close the account. Our word on this would be to always make sure to read the information that your bank sends you. After all, your money is in their safekeeping, right? Therefore, if anything is about to change that will affect your money they are obligated to send you something to let you know before it's too late. This person did mention that they ignored the packet of information about the changes because of the merger. Therefore, it seems that they should have had nobody to complain against other than themselves.


Let's move on to another complaint, shall we? The next person says that their problem was due to the bank not changing their address when they moved. When the new card was sent out it went to their old address which is said to be where their parents live and ended up being sent back to the bank as lost/stolen. Then the card they were using was shut down as well as the new card and the customer is angry not understanding why they would shut off both cards. Well, what we have here is a simple failure to communicate that turned into a huge problem. If the parents were still living at the old address, someone could have easily made sure they got the new card. Once the card gets returned as a card that is lost or stolen, usually it has gone to the wrong address (not where the parents lived). This will cause them to shut down the card not to make the customer angry but to protect the monies of the customer in case something really bad is going on with the account or the account holder.

We will stop there for now because there are so many more that are really similar to these two we have shared here. As you can see, their complaints seem to make no sense. While it is their right to be angry and to expect more from their bank, it is unrealistic for them to think the bank will break the rules of account safety for them just because they're angry. We wanted to make sure to share these things with you because we want you to always think for yourself when it comes to finding the banking option that is right for you. If you review the First Niagara Credit Card and think it will be a great fit for your lifestyle, by all means apply for the First Niagara Credit Card.